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Reliable Car Transporters

Reliable Car Transporters is a nationwide auto transport company that specializes in door to door auto transport to every state in the country, we ship all types of cars, trucks and motorcycles. We have a network of over 6,000 car haulers going in and out of every state. Whether you are shipping a car from California to Illinois or if you are towing a car from Virginia to Las Vegas we got you covered! The auto transport industry is like the wild west and brokers have plagued the industry with complaints for years. Save your self the headache and ship your car with a reliable car carrier not a broker. Reliable Car Transporters is based out of our headquarters in Coconut Creek Florida and we have been in business since 2009. Speak with our car carriers directly at 800-511-1129.

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Licensed & Insured Car Shipping

All of our open car haulers are insured with 1 million dollars of cargo insurance. Enclosed carriers will hold 2 million worth of insurance. Our drivers all have a minimum of 5 years of car hauling experience so you know your vehicle is in good hands. Our white glove approach also makes sure your car arrives as clean as possible. They will put down paper mats in the car to make sure no dirt or grease is brought inside your vehicle. The drivers will also load the vehicles in the order they are delivering them. Long Distance Towing & the rest of our divisions of National Car Shipping INC are determined to give everyone of our clients a 5 star shipping service.  So for example if 3 cars they picked up in Florida are going to Indianapolis and 6 cars are going to Chicago. They will load the 3 cars going from Florida to Indianapolis at the back of the hauler so they can easily unload them first and than drive north to Chicago to unload the remaining vehicles. We currently have a network over 6000 car carriers around the country criss crossing every state. Our dispatch team will coordinate all of our drivers routes so we are picking up and delivering our clients vehicles as quickly as possible. 

What does it cost to ship a car to across country?

Shipping a car from Southern California to Chicago, Illinois will cost around $1395 and $1695 from Northern California. The cost of diesel fuel has been north of $6 the entire year of 2022 and there is a huge shortage of quality car transporters. Reliable Car Transporters only use the most reputable car shippers in the country. We are not just brokers throwing your order with a random third party, when you ship your car with Reliable Car Transporters, our network of drivers is coming to pick up your vehicle. Our drivers are all insured and bonded so you aren’t just being picked up by a random driver on craigslist. Our car carriers are all state of the art and your vehicle is safe since we use all brand new equipment during the coast to coast auto transport. If you are shipping a SUV or Truck across country than figure the price to be around $1795 from Southern California and $2095 from Northern California.

How long does it take to ship a car across country?

Illinois is obviously centrally located so almost every route arrive pretty quickly. Shipping a car across country from Illinois to California will take around 5-7 days. The carriers want to make it across country as quickly as possible so they can get paid and pick up more cars on the West coast that are going back to Illinois. Now cross country shipping from Phoenix to Chicago will take around 7 days for transport. 5 years ago carriers were able to drive non stop and would sometimes make it across the country in 2 days! The Department of Transportation stopped this and made sure drivers were logging sleep and only driving for 8-10 hours per day.

How do I find a Reliable Car Carrier?

Reliable car shippers will always have you sign a docusign contract so you know your vehicle is getting picked up by a real company. All nationwide car shippers that are reputable will be able to show you proof of cargo insurance. The most reliable auto transport companies will have positive reviews online with transport reviews and the better business bureau.Reliable Car Transporters is 5 star rated on all of the review websites and there are no complaints by customers anywhere online.

Why Choose Reliable Car Transporters?

$1 Million Dollars of Cargo Insurance and an A Rating from the BBB.

Tracking on every transporter so you know when your vehicle will arrive to it's destination.

We Guarantee your quote will never change! In writing we are one of the few companies that will put in black and white that our price is locked.

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